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Case Studies

Aerofin has the unique ability to supply coils to almost any industry requiring heat exchangers. With our wide array of capabilities, materials of construction, manufacturing methods, and engineering expertise, we can manufacture the product needed for your industry. Products can range from cooling a hospital, making a power plant more efficient, creating safety backups for hazardous situations, drying your favorite cereals and snacks, and even helping in the process to create your pet’s food. The list doesn’t stop there … contact us for your needs to get a product designed specifically for your application and industry.

Electronics Project

Aerofin coils have provided cooling (and heating) for cleanrooms and controlled environments for decades. Offering a wide array of materials of construction and configuration options, Aerofin coils help meet the critical environmental conditions demanded by semiconductor manufacturing to produce such products as the...

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Hospital Project

The hospital operating room is a place where everything has to be just right - surgical instruments are placed in exact positions on trays, equipment is calibrated to monitor a patient’s vital signs and doctors and nurses are meticulously scrubbed in. This precise attention to detail even extends to room cooling.

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Hydroelectric Dam Project

The hydroelectric project required tough and long lasting coils to cool their hydroelectric generators. Aerofin provided the engineering and construction know how to build strong and dependable coils. Our client needed to cool down their hydroelectric generators to prevent overheating.

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Industrial Project

Aerofin produces coils for the petroleum and coal industries that play an important part in scrubbing harmful and environmentally damaging particles from refinery air. If you ever drive past a petroleum refinery you’ll probably see a billowing smoke stack. Well, you don’t have to worry about it too much.

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Nuclear Project

Our nuclear customer needed to replace coils integral to their safety system. We designed and built Split-Fit coils for them that were quick and easy to install.  How do you fit a coil into a space filled with equipment and with little room to maneuver? Aerofin has a solution to that problem.

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