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Today’s industrial markets require heat transfer equipment that is larger and more rugged, but which still maintains high efficiency. That is why Aerofin places a strong emphasis on innovation, engineering expertise, custom design, and quality.

Aerofin’s extensive experience is an important part of the engineering and design process. Each fully customized coil is a unique combination of proven design and state-of-the-art construction methods. Every application receives the same standards of excellence in manufacturing, design, and engineering.

By evolving into a leading manufacturer of heavy duty coil applications, Aerofin can proudly offer these and other specialty coil types:

  • Combustion Air Preheaters
  • Flue Gas Recovery Coils
  • Flue Gas Reheaters
  • Wall Heaters
  • De-superheaters
  • Economizers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Pocket Vent Heaters
  • Hydrogen Coolers
  • Fluid Bed Heaters
  • Turbine Inlet Air Coolers / Heaters
  • Motor Coolers
  • Process Gas Coolers / Heaters
  • Waste-to-Energy Coils
  • Sub-Coolers
  • Generator Coolers
  • In-bed Drier Coils


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