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Air Coolers

Sometimes an application may require more than a coil. Aerofin’s air coolers incorporate the use of our coils with fans. Applications of this product include dry cooling tower coolers, tube oil cooling, engine jacket water cooling, compressor oil cooling, process air cooling, and transformer oil cooling. 

Our heavy duty coils can incorporate pipe headers, removable covers or headers, or welded plug box type headers. The coils can be constructed with brazed, welded, or expanded tube. Our supply of fan and motor assemblies will vary from small, low horsepower, direct drive systems to large, low-speed, v-belt or gear driven systems. Our fans and motors are selected specifically for the environment in which they operate, whether corrosive, combustible, high snow load, or extreme ambient temperatures.

Air Cooler

Units where structures, fans, and motors are added to the coil when more than just a coil is needed.

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Transformer Oil

High temperatures of transformer oil reduces efficiency and causes premature failure, these coolers reduce operating and capital costs.

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