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Aerofin is an experienced, qualified source for nuclear components. Manufacturing products for the industry since 1966, Aerofin has manufactured coils for nuclear power plants around the world.

ASME-NPT Stamped External Frames

Dual water coils with copper tube, copper spiral fin and stainless steel headers designed to be removed from an NPT stamped stainess steel frame.

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Nuclear Coil with Removable Header

Removable stainless steel headers on both ends of the coil, constructed with copper tube and copper plate fins.

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Nuclear Cooling Coil

Copper spiral fin and stainless steel headers with welded joint construction.

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Shell & Tube

Shell & tube heat exchanger with copper-nickel tubes and carbon steel shell coated on the interior, built for the nuclear industry.

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Self-cleaning particle strainers to provide protection for downstream equipment in the nuclear industry.

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