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Header Types

Standard water coils feature carbon steel or non-ferrous headers with threaded pipe connections and will be supplied with vents and drains. Other types of connections, such as flanged or Victaulic, are available. Other materials and connection types are available depending on the type of application and construction used.

Pipe Header

Pipe Header

This type of header allows for customized circuiting to design the most efficient coil possible. This is also the most cost effective solution. 

removable header

Removable Header

Removable headers offer a mix between cleanability and performance. The entire header is designed to come off so that tubes can be cleaned. Channels in the plate allow for some customization for circuiting and performance.

Plug Box Header

Plug Box

These headers allow for the cleaning of individual tubes quickly and efficiently without having to remove any piping. This also allows for any quick repairs to a single tube to be made if needed.

Removable Header Stationary Connections

Removable Header with Stationary Connections

By moving the connections to the side of the coil, this header option is a hybrid of the Removable Header and Plug Box. This design allows the entire cover to be removed without interfering with any piping going to the coil.

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