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Water Coils

Aerofin has the capability to manufacture any sized water or fluid coil necessary to fit your application. Whether it be a small 12” x 12” coil for replacement application to a large 12’ x 12’ custom air handler coil, Aerofin can build what you need. Our software allows the design or water, glycol, oil, or any other special fluid that may be needed. Aerofin has the ability to manufacture our coils with a variety of tube materials, including copper, copper-nickel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and many other non-standard materials. The standard construction will consist of carbon steel or non-ferrous headers with threaded pipe connections and will be supplied with vents and drains. Other types of connections and materials, such as flanged or Victaulic, are available.  

Bare Tube Coil

Bare tube construction for applications where using fins could cause severe clogging.

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Bare Tube Coils with Painted Headers

Bare tube construction for applications where using fins could cause severe clogging and painted with customer specified color.

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Cleanable Return Bends

Removable plugs on each tube allow for cleaning of individual tubes while providing additional circuiting options to maximize coil performance.

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Multiple Water Coils in Common Housing

Three coils combined into one common housing for ease of installation.

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Oil Cooling with Plug Box Heads

Plug box header construction allows for easy cleaning of each individual tube.

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Slide-Out Housing

Stainless steel frame designed for easy removal of coils.

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Spiral Fin Water Coil

Water coil constructed with Copper tube and spiral fin allowing for variable tube spacing.

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Stainless Steel Water Coil

Welded tube construction using Stainless Steel tubes and headers used in corrosive environments to prolong the life of the coil.

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Turbine Inlet Air Coil

Large coils used to cool intake air of gas turbines.

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Water Coil

Standard water coil construction with copper tube and aluminum fin.

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Water Coil with Solder Coated Fins

Water coil using copper tubes and solder coated copper fins for use in corrosive environments.

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