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As the industry leader in preheaters and reheaters, Aerofin manufactures heavy duty air preheating coils and flue gas reheaters for the electric utility industry, often times including slide-out housings to ease in coil maintenance or future replacement.

Circular Fan Coil

Circular room cooler that uses cooling water to maintain room temperatures to habitable levels.

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Custom Brazing

Custom brazed copper-nickel return bends meeting a customer specific requirement.

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Economizer coils reduce energy consumption by recovering heat and pre-heating boiler feedwater. Rugged welded fin tubes at wide fin spacing or bare tubes allow for the passage of particulate without compromising thermal performance.

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Engineered Tube Bundles

Custom engineered tube bundles for non-standard applications.  This particular coil has a Naval Brass tube plate, copper-nickel tubing with rolled and brazed tube joints, and sealed with a tin coating.

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Extreme Duty Coil

Coils designed and built to withstand rigorous shock and vibration requirements.

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Hydrogen Cooler

Hydrogen coolers employ water to cool the hot hydrogen gas produced inside of large-scale turbine generators.

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Knock Out Tank

Stainless steel knock out tank used for moisture separation.

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Piping Skid

Fabricated piping skids with all the required components for steam and water coils.

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