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Commercial / Replacement

After being in business for almost 100 years, there are not too many places where our coils haven’t been installed. Aerofin offers a huge library of replacement coils for not only our own product, but many other manufacturer’s as well. As each coil made is one of a kind, we understand that your specific replacement coil may need to be something different. Not only can we duplicate the coils, we are also able to improve efficiencies and performance where possible to help with solutions. One example of this is our split fit coil. We have created a unique solution to a problem that many replacement coil applications face - How do I get a large coil moved to a spot with little to no extra room? By splitting the coils into several sections and then combining in the field, this product helps solve the issue.

We understand that your replacement coil may be needed faster than our standard lead time. That’s why we offer our quick ship program that allows for coils to be built in as little as one-day, dependent on material and production capability.

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