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Aerofin is proud to be a member of several different organizations and also to offer the following certifications or production capabilities for our products. Aerofin has proudly held the ASME U-stamp certification continuously since 1953.

ASME certifications

ASME N Stamp - Construction of Class 2 & 3 vessels

NPT - Class 2 & 3 fabrication without design responsibility and fabrication with design responsibility for Class 2 & 3 appurtenances and Class 2 & 3 supports (supports limited to the 1998 edition, 1998 addenda and earlier editions and addenda of the Code) and as a Material Organization manufacturing and supplying ferrous and nonferrous material

NS - Class 2 & 3 fabrication without design responsibility and with design responsibility for supports

ASME U Stamp - Manufacture of pressure vessels

ASME S Stamp - Manufacture and assembly of power boilers

ASME PP Stamp - Fabrication and assembly of pressure piping

National Board R Stamp - Repair and/or alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, and other pressure-retaining items.

CRN certification

CRN – Aerofin regularly manufactures products requiring Canadian Registration Numbers for every province in Canada

CE certification

CE – For those coils shipping to Europe, Aerofin can manufacture coils with a PED Stamp.

API certifications

API 661 – Aerofin can provide equipment in compliance with the American Petroleum Institute.


ISO 9001:2015 - Certification held since 1996 defining quality system requirements for design/development, production, and servicing.

AHRI certification

AHRI – Our coil ratings have been established with the standards of the Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). Aerofin offers over 25 models of coils for water, glycol, and steam applications that are rated in accordance with AHRI Standard 410.

ETL Logo

ETL - Aerofin coils have been tested, investigated and found to comply with the requirements of the Standard(s) for Refrigerant-Containing Components & Accessories, Non-Electrical (UL-207) and are identified with the ETL Listed Mark.

HTRI certification

HTRI - Heat Transfer Research, Inc. is the global leader in process heat transfer and heat exchanger technology.

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