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Industrial Project

Protecting our environment through heating and cooling.

Aerofin produces coils for the petroleum and coal industries that play an important part in scrubbing harmful and environmentally damaging particles from refinery air.

If you ever drive past a petroleum refinery you’ll probably see a billowing smoke stack. Ever wonder what’s in that smoke.  Well, you don’t have to worry about it too much. That smoke is actually water vapor or steam.  With increasing environmental regulation in the US, fossil fuel based companies must find ways to refine their products with minimal impact to the environment.

Our coils are used by these industries in a process known as flue gas scrubbing.  During the refining process dirty hot air that is filled with hazardous gases and particulates are produced. The refineries capture that dirty air before it’s released to the outside environment and put it through the flue gas scrubber. Aerofin coils cool the dirty air stream so many hazardous gases “drop” out of the air.

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