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Hydroelectric Dam Project

Working behind the scenes to power your home and business.

The hydroelectric project required tough and long lasting coils to cool their hydroelectric generators. Aerofin provided the engineering and construction know how to build strong and dependable coils. 

Our client needed to cool down their hydroelectric generators to prevent overheating.  Their existing generator cooling coils were quickly eroding from the inside because of the corrosive effect of river water on the coils’ copper-nickel tubes and carbon steel headers.  When the time came to replace the corroded coils, the client knew they needed replacement coils that could withstand the harsh water conditions. With this in mind, Aerofin engineers worked with our client to give them a more robust and long lasting coil built with stainless steel tubes and stainless steel headers. Aerofin provided replacement coils that were more durable, met the dimensional specifications and matched the thermal performance of the original coils.

Over a decade later the coils built and designed by Aerofin are still in operation. Now, they do not have to worry about the time and expense of regularly replacing coils. Instead, they can focus their resources on providing reliable energy to their customers to power the everyday things in life from computers, air conditioners to lights.

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