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Nuclear Project

When it's critical, our coils keep their cool.

Our nuclear customer needed to replace coils integral to their safety system. We designed and built Split-Fit coils for them that were quick and easy to install.  

How do you fit a coil into a space filled with equipment and with little room to maneuver? Aerofin has a solution to that problem.

A nuclear customer came to Aerofin because they had to meet a new safety regulation that required increased cooling capacity. Their existing coil was too small to meet that capacity and they knew they needed a larger coil with more surface area. The customer couldn’t just order a new bigger coil. The customer didn’t have unlimited time and money to tear down walls and move equipment out of the way move in a large one piece coil. Aerofin’s Split-Fit™ coils provided the solution.  By dividing a full length coil into smaller sections that could be assembled together in the field, the customer was able to fit the smaller sections into place.  The assembled coil added more surface area and cooling capacity and brought the cooling system into compliance.

The Split-Fit saved something essential to the nuclear industry - time.  The least amount of down time was vital for this customer because the cooling coils used in this system are integral to a safe nuclear reactor shutdown. The coils ensure that the reactor coolant pressure boundary is maintained and makes an orderly shutdown possible. The safe shutdown of the reactor is crucial because it prevents or mitigates the possibility of accidents or potential radiation exposure to the outside environment.

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